Reginald J. Montgomery has conducted hundreds of accident investigations. Building on his experience as a former Law Enforcement Officer, Mr. Montgomery’s knowledge of accident investigation has dramatically increased, gaining him Industry-wide respect. He has attended seminars presented by the Federal Government and experts recognized Nationally as leaders in this investigative field. Mr. Montgomery now conducts seminars pertaining to accident investigations. 

Whether an accident involves a vehicle, product malfunction, violence or human error, the reconstruction and verification of the incident’s events must be accurate. Successful litigation necessitates undistorted duplication of events. Witness statements, analysis of the accident’s scene, preceding factors and ensuing circumstances are all dissected by R.J. Montgomery Associates’ trained professionals. There will be no doubt of occurrences when R.J.M.A.’s investigations are completed. Computerized animation and reconstruction services are both available. 

In litigation, knowledge is power. R.J. Montgomery Associates’ accident investigation results strengthen a case, enabling legal counsel to submit facts substantiating their client’s claims. In instances of fraudulent statements and claims, R.J.M.A.’s experience determines what aspects of an accident have been misrepresented or fabricated. Authenticating the factual events in an accident is a job for a competent, tested investigator . . . Reginald J. Montgomery’s qualifications are well-documented in this area of investigation.