Uncovering properties, bank accounts and possessions is significant during the pre-trial process and equally vital subsequent to a judgment. Finding secreted assets, concealed holdings, capital and records may disclose moneys owed following a judicial resolution. This investigative process is often used in matrimonial disputes when spouses believe assets have been hidden. 

During a merger or acquisition it is crucial to obtain a true portrait of a company’s worth (as well as its Principals). R.J. Montgomery Associates’ precise searches confirm factual values as well as corporations’ strengths or weaknesses. Inquests to company’s owners will be made to ensure there are no hidden partners or links to organized crime. R.J.M.A.’s diligence and investigative process provides its clients protection against engaging companies involved in money laundering and other illegitimate activities. 

Make sure you acquire a complete accurate representation of the company (or individual(s)) with whom you intend to transact business. Contact R.J. Montgomery Associates in order to make qualified informed decisions.