Annually, narcotic's traffic creates enormous quantities of illegal gains in money for the criminals who pollute our society. This money must be ‘cleansed’ in order for felons to spend the fruition of their villainous actions. Legitimate businesses, large or small, are all targets for this laundering activity and must be aware of the possibility. Government agencies, countless regulations, laws and acts have not stopped Organized crime, the drugs, or the necessity to purify profits. Do not let this process put you and your livelihood in jeopardy! 

Contact the experts in this field of subversion. Pro-active analysis of your business, records and operations by skilled, dependable professionals is the first step. R.J.Montgomery Associates’ auditing, prevention programs, pre-employment screening, customer and vendor backgrounds and intelligence training create the barriers required to keep the predators away. You must reduce your current and future vulnerability to zero, do not be a victim.