Mergers and acquisitions. These are huge undertakings with many hidden risks. Your knowledge, about the company with which you expect to merge or acquire, is your most potent weapon against being misinformed by other parties. Companies that arrive with bells, whistles and illusion may have no substance beyond their presentations. Principals appearing to be Prince Charming or Snow White may actually be convicted felons. Knowing what and with whom you deal is critical! 

R.J. Montgomery Associates can inform and better prepare you to take the step into corporate mergers or acquisitions. RJMA will identify Corporate Principals, conduct criminal backgrounds and Civil Litigation (Plaintiff & Defense) searches. Criminal and Civil Litigation searches (Plaintiff & Defense) must be conducted on the Corporation itself

RJMA will obtain SEC, UCC, Corporate and financial filings, search databases that may reveal fictitious names, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers and information that may indicate something is misrepresented. RJMA will conduct asset and publication searches to provide the largest possible view of a Company. 

Mergers and acquisitions involve massive investments of time and money. Confidence, based on RJMA’s documentation, that a company (as portrayed by its Principals), is genuine and factual ensures your organization makes the right decisions. There must be no uncertainty before a merger or acquisition is consummated. R.J. Montgomery Associates provides accurate, cost-effective Due Diligence investigations mandatory for its clients to achieve successful resolution.