Reginald J. Montgomery has served as an expert witness in virtually every area of Security litigation. Testimony accredited by his comprehensive experience as an Investigator, Security Professional and former Law Enforcement Officer has helped R.J. Montgomery’s clients obtain numerous favorable rulings. Judicial determinations awarding financial reparations to clients and shielding them from fraudulent and frivolous lawsuits were made due to Mr. Montgomery’s expert testimony. Many times Mr. Montgomery’s pre-trial expert witness depositions have persuaded Judges to dismiss lawsuits, saving his clients time, aggravation and money. 

Courtroom officials and juries weigh the merits of both sides in a case, making testimony critical to an accurate and judicious outcome. Reliability, credibility, experience and certitude are all necessary possessions for an expert witness. Reginald J. Montgomery has the ‘book-smart‘ knowledge of the Security profession coupled with his extensive functional experience, making him one of the most effective expert witnesses in the Industry. Extensive work in pre-trial preparation investigations empowers the President of R.J. Montgomery Associates to deliver a convincing statement based on facts, evidence, life history and knowledge. 

R.J. Montgomery Associates will also search for expert witnesses to provide testimony for virtually any subject matter approaching or reaching litigation. Once located, our organization will investigate and confirm an expert witnesses’ credentials and track record to ensure our clients are receiving the most competent support available. 

Unfavorable rulings are costing American businesses billions of dollars annually. A qualified, tested expert witness is mandatory protection in court. 

Make absolutely sure your witness is a true expert, contact R.J. Montgomery Associates.