At R.J. Montgomery Associates every investigation is critical. Nothing is more important than providing our clients with the highest quality, most effective investigation available. For the past twenty-seven years, our organization has performed every classification of investigation. From Corporate espionage to retail undercover work, R.J.M.A. has gotten the job done.

R.J.M.A.’s clients know they can arrive with delicate, confidential concerns and depend upon R.J.M.A. to use tested, proven methods to solve their problems. Common sense, decades of experience, reliable techniques accompanying today’s technology enables our investigators to accomplish tasks without complicating sensitive matters. R.J.M.A.’s straight-forward approach has worked well for clients who do not care for ‘mirrors, magnets and blue smoke." Only results matter when crucial issues need to be addressed.

Attention to detail, dedication to accuracy and comprehensive report descriptions are our standard. The trust R.J.M.A.’s clients have in us has been earned with results.  At R.J.Montgomery Associates a network of national (and international) investigators can be summoned instantly to provide focus and attention for each investigation, wherever and whenever necessary. Our active affiliations with The National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), The New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association (NJLPIA), The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), Intelnet and The World Association of Detectives (WAD) enhances our ability to provide thorough, competent investigations.

The time comes when one needs an undercover operative, an interview, a polygraph administered, a survey performed, answers obtained.  R.J.M.A. is the agency that will complete the assignment with alacrity and proficiency.  Our success in performing legal, diversion, surveillance, theft and fraud investigations is fact.  The list of our satisfied clients includes Fortune 100 companies as well as individual interests. The size of an investigation is unimportant; the professional performance of it is R.J.M.A.‘s utmost priority. Responsibility, confidentiality, comfort and successful outcome are obtained by employing R.J. Montgomery Associates. 

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