Every business has exposure to loss. Whether it is due to lack of perimeter fencing, electronic monitoring, physical security, computer password protection, gates, bells, whistles, etc., you must engage an expert to ascertain what are your security needs. An unbiased professional can identify holes in a security program, often possessing a better perspective as an outsider to the curriculum. 

Businesses entering the computerized, on-line, communications superhighway need protection from electronic theft. Criminals can enter a company from computer terminals anywhere in the world . . . unless adequate protection is in place. Computerized ‘sentinels’ and protection programs have become as important as physical security for asset protection. 

Reliable, effective protection is not necessarily expensive. At R.J.M.A., we protect our clients from being sold unessential protective services. We have conducted thousands of Loss Prevention Survey for Corporate America. Our clients rely upon Reginald J. Montgomery to inform and educate them, then present insights and suggestions for improvement. 

Security Managers and Loss Prevention professionals can not be caretakers to each aspect of a company’s operation. Installing effective defensive devices, personnel and programs affords managers the time to manage. R.J. Montgomery, PSP, Physical Security Professional possesses the knowledge to determine what protection is required as well as what systems are appropriate and financially tangible.