Reginald J. Montgomery is a Certified Polygraphist for twenty-two years and has conducted thousands of polygraph tests. Mr. Montgomery’s knowledge of every aspect of polygraph and the interview process is virtually unmatched in the industry. Mr. Montgomery’s efforts in this field have netted his clients billions of dollars in recovered assets that were misappropriated, lost or stolen. The results of his tests have been used to dismiss numerous cases against his Defendant clients as well as verifying losses in Plaintiffs’ lawsuits. Mr. Montgomery’s expert polygraph testimony has benefited clients countless times. 

Mr. Montgomery’s functional knowledge of local, State and Federal procedures for properly administrating polygraph tests has served his clients exceptionally well. His accurate interpretation of test results gives his clients a clear picture of the truth and identification of deception. 

Accurate Polygraphing requires more than a machine, a subject and an interviewer . . . it demands experience. When a polygraph test is required, do not take chances in this most sensitive area of investigations; contact R.J. Montgomery Associates for a skilled professional.