Pre-employment screening is the most important defense a company can use to help prevent the "worst-case-scenario" from occurring. Horror stories of employees’ actions, employees who were never investigated prior to hiring, are endless. Candidates with histories of workplace aggression, criminal activity and immoral behavior, who should be rejected, continue to be hired without investigation. The results of this neglect, as too often seen on the evening news, can be catastrophic. 

Unfortunately, most employers do not scrutinize beyond required performance skills when making hiring decisions. When considering a candidate for employment, previous behavior must be equal in importance to professional ability. A candidate's history can prove to be much more consequential if the wrong individual is hired. Training can improve competence, but nothing an employer offers is going to rehabilitate a bigot, a sexist, a belligerent person or even worse, a rapist, an arsonist or someone who in one instant can destroy a business and peoples’ lives. 

An undesirable, yet beguiling, candidate during an interview may fool the most qualified Human Resource professional. Regardless of the incredible pressure to fill positions, Corporate America must not risk subjective employment decisions. A timely, objective analysis by trained professional investigators is the cautious, sound and necessary procedure. 

At R.J. Montgomery Associates, our investigators have extensive experience in performing pre-employment background screening. Identifying quality candidates and protecting clients from hiring ‘bad apples’ is our purpose and strength. Telephonic investigations (professional, personal, educational, military, etc.), research using on-line databases (containing billions of itemized cross-referenced information) and analyzing facts in a candidate's history enables our organization to provide accurate portraits of persons considered for employment. 

In addition to knowledge, strategies and procedures (refined over decades) our investigators continually attend seminars to enhance interview skills. R.J. Montgomery Associates’ clients reap the benefits of its investigators' ability to detect deception, interpret fabrication, identify honesty and determine suitability for employment.  At R.J.M.A. we pride ourselves on our continued success in this most critical field of investigation.

Preventing external threats to our clients’ assets from becoming internal threats is our highest priority.