Going to trial unprepared is unprofessional and a disservice to your client. Too many cases are dismissed, or awarded to petitioners, due to lack of evidence and poor preparation by the plaintiff or defense. At R.J. Montgomery Associates we conduct investigations to provide facts and verification which proves advantageous in litigation determinations. R.J.M.A.’s surveillance videos, interviews, asset evaluations, research, comprehensive detailed reports and expert witnesses all enable our clients to enter the courtroom equipped and professionally prepared.

Corporate liability, compensation, harassment, discrimination and negligent hiring suits have dramatically increased in the past five years. The trend of disgruntled employees and consumers clutching for corporate America’s "deep pockets" unfortunately costs billions of dollars annually in frivolous litigation. A proper investigation can discover previous misrepresentations, scams and swindles. The presentation of these investigative results can check a lawsuit before it becomes more than a nuisance. Time and money are saved when fraudulent claimants are confronted with solid proof obtained by R.J. Montgomery Associates’ investigators.

The best-prepared attorneys, who use the best investigators, achieve the best results!