R.J. Montgomery Associates provides competent, levelheaded employees to perform Executive protection and personal ‘bodyguard’ services. Personal protection is requested when a threat has been made or the perception of a threat exists. Unfortunately, most threats are all too real. Intimidation generated by disgruntled employees, domestic disputes, psychotics and terrorists destroys serenity, creates fear and the absolute need for protection. These situations must be handled with the utmost preparation and caution.

Law enforcement officers can rarely constantly protect a person at work, at home and when the subject is traveling. When a threat to a person’s well being is serious enough to warrant 24-hour protection, a skilled professional is essential. R.J. Montgomery’s personnel (armed and unarmed) are constantly trained in pro-active incident detection and deterrence, vehicular evasion and immediate, effective crisis response.

Coordinating with the client, as well as with appropriate Law Enforcement agencies, proper precautions will be initiated to prevent the possibility of harm. R.J.M.A.’s operatives apply proven strategies to forbid harm, thwart attacks and enable the client to regain equilibrium in the middle of dreaded circumstances. Investigators with Law Enforcement work constantly to identify and apprehend the person(s) posing the threat(s).

At R. J. Montgomery Associates, protecting peoples’ lives is our most important assignment.