Today’s technology, used for espionage, is incredibly sophisticated, nearly undetectable and very effective. The technology used to identify and locate listening devices must keep pace with recent electronic advances. Professionals must continually be trained by Government agencies, computer wizards and electronic adepts in order to compete with ‘long-distance’ thieves. At R.J. Montgomery Associates we have the technology and training to find the "bugs" in your company or your home.

Competition in American commerce is too fierce to expose trade secrets. Maintaining your company’s advantage requires keeping its confidential operations protected as you would protect a member of your family. A ‘leak’ can destroy an upcoming announcement (press release) or product introduction. A stolen formula, obtained with a hundred dollar listening device, can nullify millions of dollars of Research and Development! Most every Fortune 500 company has reported instances of this type of theft.

When information, formerly thought as contained and secure, surfaces in your competitor’s hands, grave financial consequences can result. Unfortunately, after the fact, all that is left are feelings of being violated and the anger of betrayal. If the information is leaving your company via human treachery a thorough investigation can prove it, however, if your most confidential operations are taken electronically, detection devices and prevention programs must be employed.

Prior to sensitive, R & D, Trustee, Stockholders or any highly confidential meetings, if you want certain security of information, the room should be ‘swept’ (and secured). A ‘sweep’ of your business may not be enough. Intelligence procurers constantly target company Principals’ homes. There are no rules, ethical boundaries or forbidden territories for eavesdroppers, information peddlers and corporate spies. R.J. Montgomery Associates’ experienced professionals will educate its client’s employees on procedures for defending information against piracy as well as how to safeguard and protect restricted data.