Retail stores, Worker’s Compensation Fraud, White Collar Crime, Sexual Harassment, workplace violence, domestic and other critical investigations require experts in the field of surveillance. At R.J.Montgomery Associates we employ the latest technology in our surveillance operations. We use undetectable cameras; microphones and devices created to ensure our clients receive the results they need. Our surveillance van is ready to travel to any location.

RJMA can supply the finest hidden closed-circuit camera installations in the business. Our recording devices, which can run for weeks unattended, capture activities and regularly provide the proof needed to confront perpetrators of fraud. When mobile surveillance is required, RJMA’s operatives employ apparatus enabling them to record behavior without creating suspicion.

The latest automated innovations coupled with our investigators’ vast experiences in detecting, targeting, pursuing and documenting illicit activities secures results for RJMA’s clients. Our accomplished surveillance investigations have proved to stand successfully in litigation. Expert witness testimony in tandem with electronic and video exhibition has developed a proven track record in delivering sound evidence to the Law Enforcement community and the Justice system.

RJMA’s clients can perform terminations without dispute once they have confirmed their employees have participated in Worker’s Compensation and disability fraud. Often employers’ can recoup some of the monies fraudulently obtained.  As proved, our methods are exceptionally timely and effective.

Helping our clients excise a corrupt employee is our unwavering mission.