2nd Edition - 4 New Chapters!

 "Corporate Investigations"

Compiled by
Reginald J. Montgomery, CLI, CPP, CFE, CP, CST
and William J. Majeski

"The Standard Reference
Work On Corporate Investigations!"

Co-Authors: Reginald J. Montgomery, William J. Majeski   Contributors: John S. Belrose, Julius Bombet, Gerald R. Brown, Matthew Buchert, James P. Carino, Harold F. Coyne, Jr., Robert J. DiPasquale, Bruce H. Hulme, Sal LiFrieri, Robyn R. Mace, Michael C. McDermott, Kevin D. Murray, Tom Owen, John J. Palmatier, Raymond M. Pierce, Jeffery Richardson, Sr., Al Ristuccia, David Roberts, Ben Scaglione, Todd Scheffer, Larry R. Troxel, Jonathan Turner, Peter F. Wade, Don C. Johnson, Kitty Hailey, Paul J. Ciolino, Grace Elting Castle

What if you could find an investigative manual that handed you over 750 years of wisdom from the very top investigators in the USA? Well, you have just found it!

The range of corporate investigations is extremely broad, from accounting financial fraud to executive protection, from shoplifting to international fraud. More than two dozen experts share their investigative techniques to help you navigate this complex field.

This work is a must have book if your clients are corporations. To be without this hallmark work for conducting corporate investigations is like trying to conduct a surveillance without a vehicle. No other work on the market covers the complete spectrum of corporate investigations like this one does and no other work offers you the expertise of so many authors. It's like having someone open up your head and insert the combined wisdom of over one dozen experts in each type of investigation with the lifetime of experience of each author.



  • FCRA and corporate investigations
  • Assessing credibility: ADVA technology, voice and stress analysis
  • Profiling for corporate investigators
  • Surveillance
  • Electronic eavesdropping and corporate counterespionage
  • Voice identification: The aural/spectrographic method
  • The statement as a crime scene: Low-tech tools for corporate investigations
  • The art and science of communication during an investigation
  • Doing business with your experts
  • The changing role of law enforcement in corporate investigations
  • The due diligence investigation
  • Forensic accounting and financial fraud
  • Net worth application in corporate investigations
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Investigating the sexual harassment case
  • Investigating internal theft in a small business


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