Possibly the most sensitive type of investigation is the undercover. A covert operative placed in a workplace to determine theft, subversion and criminal activities is, by the nature of the operation, at risk. Management of an undercover is critical to its success and to the safety of the operative. The tragic results of mismanaging an undercover operative must be avoided at all costs. At R.J. Montgomery Associates we train our agents to protect themselves as well as the client’s interests.

R.J. Montgomery Associates organizes, coordinates and satisfies the confidentiality of the client’s concerns, the proper procedures for placing an operative, the timely reporting of findings and experienced supervision of an undercover operation. R.J.M.A.’s constant review of findings coupled with guidance of activity attains superior results. Daily updates, weekly recaps and regular discussions with the client ensure the investigation is proceeding accurately. Qualified evaluation of an operative’s progress and elements effecting the program must be made to ensure success.

R.J. Montgomery Associates will provide male, female, multi-lingual, blue collar and white-collar operatives promptly. When client’s requirements dictate the need for an operative with a specific nationality, race or religion, accommodations will be made. R.J. Montgomery Associates has the significant capability to rapidly deploy an undercover operative anywhere in the United States. At R.J. Montgomery Associates we pride ourselves on our track record in this most serious endeavor.